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The original Meadow GlenMeadow Glen. The name itself evokes images of a beautiful location, peaceful surroundings and nature at your door. And that is exactly what seniors in both Leesburg, and Richmond, Virginia have found at Meadow Glen.

The original inspiration for Meadow Glen came from the founder and owner of Meadow Glen, Richard E. "Dick" McClellan. Dick lived, for most of his childhood, at the original Meadow Glen, which was a beautiful 100-acre farm in Tennessee. His experiences, not only amid the beauty and peace of nature, but also in the sharing of special occasions with a large family of all ages, taught him that "home" means a community of people. And that is the feeling that one experiences at Meadow Glen today.

Our goal is to provide much more than care and Assisted Living services. We continually strive to provide a truly welcoming home-like environment where our residents can take in our views, enjoy their social life, pursue wellness activities, have tea and conversation on the patio, and welcome their friends and family to their home at any time.

Meadow Glen of Leesburg, and Meadow Glen of Richmond, offer Assisted Living accommodations in a small, residential setting that is truly unique. Both conveniently located and beautifully appointed, Meadow Glen offers something extra — a feeling of welcome.

Our commitment is to provide each resident with the appropriate level of daily assistance while allowing maximum independence and freedom. Our commitment to offering highly personal Assisted Living care extends to our well-trained and dedicated staff. Some of our staff members have been with Meadow Glen since we opened our doors. Their commitment to caring is further reflected in the wonderful friendships that develop between them and our residents.

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Meadow Glen of Leesburg and Meadow Glen of Richmond are both licensed by the Virginia Department of Social Services as Assisted Living facilities and are supervised by a licensed nurse. Meadow Glen's corporate mission is to provide excellent and secure, 24-hour Assisted Living care for ambulatory and non-ambulatory residents.

Meadow Glen is owned by Meadow Glen of West End, L.P. and is managed by Spring House Management, L.L.C. Dick McClellan is the managing partner of the limited partnership and the President of Spring House. With over fifteen years experience owning and managing four other Assisted Living residences in Virginia, Dick McClellan has developed a solid reputation for excellence in the Assisted Living industry.

Dick McClellan states, "Properly caring for our elderly population is one of the greater challenges facing this country. We strongly believe that by creating small-to moderate-sized residences, we can offer more personalized service to families who are seeking a truly home-like setting. We are determined to provide residences that offer both secure, professionally operated communities and comfort and tranquility for the residents and their families. Personalized and caring service for all residents is our top priority."