corner corner Life at Meadow Glen
Each day at Meadow Glen offers numerous opportunities for our residents to pursue their passions, relax outdoors, go on outings, visit with family and friends, or participate in one of the many regularly scheduled activities. A daily and monthly calendar listing each day's events is posted for all to see near the dining room.

Families at Meadow Glen
One of the singular attributes at Meadow Glen that we are most proud of is how involved many of our residents' families are in daily life at Meadow Glen. Families at Meadow GlenFamily members participate and co-host many of our activities. Family members volunteer at Meadow Glen. And, of course, family members are ever-present regular visitors to Meadow Glen. We value our families as almost an extension of our staff. The door is always open to them as well as to friends of our residents.

We also work hard to stay in close touch by phone and/or e-mail with key family members so that they are regularly updated on the care and well being of their family member.

Having Fun at Meadow Glen
Life, and the fun we have at Meadow Glen is very often inspired or created by our residents. We regularly ask our residents what specific events, trips, or entertainment they would like to enjoy. Then we get busy turning those ideas into experiences. A recent sculpture exhibit and a Hawaiian Luau were both inspirations of Meadow Glen residents.

Our staff takes great pleasure in tailoring not only our care, but also our fun, to the needs and desires of our residents. From cookouts, family dinners, and ice-cream socials to pet therapy visits, speakers from local colleges and government, and art exhibits, the staff at Meadow Glen strives to satisfy our residents' varied interests.

Our Staff and Management
The staff and management team at Meadow Glen are experienced, dedicated and have a desire to nurture a true community at our residences.

Our staff is the heart and lifeblood of the community. We take pride not only in the quality of care our staff provides, but also in the friendships that form between them and our residents.

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